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We are proud to announce that Christine's bestselling Group and Team Coaching (2016) has been selected as the first Routledge coaching book to be released as an audiobook, in a new partnership. We will let you know when it is available to purchase and when you can download a free sample on our website.

We are delighted to announce the publication of The Art and Science of Working Together: Practising group analysis in teams and organisations edited by Christine Thornton and published by Routledge, as part of their New International Library of Group Analysis series. It is a handbook for consultants and coaches working with teams and organisations and for leaders within organisations. 

"A rich resource for consultants and managers looking for alternative ways of thinking" - Professor Chris Mowles

"A major contribution to this growing field." - Professor David Clutterbuck

The book brings together leading group analytic organisational consultants who contribute the best thinking in the field. Like Christine Thornton’s last book, Group and team coaching, it provides a primary resource for everyone wishing to learn more about the complex unconscious dynamics of organisational relationships. 

Providing both a useful, practical guide for organisational work and a strong theoretical underpinning, this book's goal is to make the concepts of group analysis accessible for coaches and leaders. 

You can download an extract of the book, completely free, here

If you'd like to purchase The Art and Science of Working Together, simply head here and use the discount code BSE19 to get 20% off! 

During this global pandemic, everyone needs to do the little bit we can. We are sharing three new free downloads to help leaders and team coaches cope with virtual working.

The first focuses on virtual team meetings and virtual team coaching. Two additional pieces offer a simple tool for teams to review their own process, and tips for dealing with people who talk too much in meetings, and who talk too little. You can download them on our Free Resources page.

Stay safe and stay well. 

Just released is a podcast interview with Christine by Krister Lowe of the Team Coaching Zone. Over an hour of principles, advice and examples of team coaching completely free of charge.  Click here for some listening options:

In 2020,  Christine will be starting a quarterly consultation group for leaders and coaches in Dublin to think together about the challenges and complexities of working in(to) modern organisations. If you are interested in joining, or in learning more, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The new edition of Group and team coaching is out

If you go here to buy the book and add code IRK71 at checkout, you will receive a 20% discount. 

The first edition sold thousands of copies in English, and was also translated into German and Korean.  Here are some verdicts:

"A very lucid, clear and pragmatic exposition what groups are for, how they function, how they malfunction and how they can be worked with much more competently…indispensable to leaders, managers and psychology professionals." Gerhard Wilke, Ashridge Business School & Hon. Fellow I.A.G.P.

 “Invaluable insights into the complexities and unconscious processes in groups which coaches need to understand. Christine Thornton shares theory in a very accessible way, and gives practical pointers to help coaches work at a deeper level and more effectively.” Gill Smith, Chair, Association for Coaching UK

“A sophisticated, cogent book. She integrates group analytic and systems theories into the fundamental components of this new profession as well as provides functional tools for working with teams and groups. . . .Thornton’s scholarly work establishes a benchmark text in the budding world of group and team coaching.” International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

Christine’s book has made an important contribution; she brings together three important root strands of this field and valuably integrates them, provides sage advice about traps to be avoided and how best to use tools in different situations… She shows us how being a group or team coach requires a life time’s personal development and reflective practice to develop the holding presence combined with the humility to step back and enable the team or group to do their own work. Peter Hawkins, Professor, Henley Business School & Author of Leadership Team Coaching


Routledge invited Christine Thornton to write the second edition, which is updated with new sections on teams, remote working and supervision, without losing the core ideas, plentiful case studies and practical guidance of the first edition.  

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