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We are delighted to announce the publication of The Art and Science of Working Together: Practising group analysis in teams and organisations edited by Christine Thornton and published by Routledge, as part of their New International Library of Group Analysis series. It is a handbook for consultants and coaches working with teams and organisations and for leaders within organisations. 

"A rich resource for consultants and managers looking for alternative ways of thinking" - Professor Chris Mowles

"A major contribution to this growing field." - Professor David Clutterbuck

The book brings together leading group analytic organisational consultants who contribute the best thinking in the field. Like Christine Thornton’s last book, Group and team coaching, it provides a primary resource for everyone wishing to learn more about the complex unconscious dynamics of organisational relationships. 

Providing both a useful, practical guide for organisational work and a strong theoretical underpinning, this book's goal is to make the concepts of group analysis accessible for coaches and leaders. 

You can download an extract of the book, completely free, here

If you'd like to purchase The Art and Science of Working Together, simply head here and use the discount code BSE19 to get 20% off! 

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