Thornton Consulting

Consulting to social outcome businesses has always been an important part of Thornton Consulting’s work. We work with not-for-profit organisations whose goals we endorse, and offer a preferential fee rate on a sliding scale. Thirty years' experience working in and with voluntary organisations goves us a solid understanding of the complexities of managing the 'double-bottom-line' -- achieving socially beneficial goals while maintaining financial and organisational health. We appreciate the nuances of the ethical dilemmas involved in work directed to social change. Some typical assignments include:

Consulting to the programme Improving Ethnic Relations in South East Europe, a partnership of funders in six Balkan countries, on (a) creating a network for effective learning and on (b) creating an evaluation framework for the programme as a whole. More

Pro bono work to develop a network of voluntary organisations and small businesses providing access to better quality professional development across the country.

Working with a health agency to define the USP of their uniquely effective work and develop a business plan round it; a second assignment mentoring the chief executive as he implemented the plan. More

Working with a national campaigning organisation to create a flexible, functional structure in a context of opportunity and unpredictability. This is repeat business from one of our earliest clients.

Two assignments with a voluntary organisation providing important and unique services, the first to secure their continued funding by restructuring the second [three years later] to develop and to disseminate their work.

Valuing and managing volunteers
Many social enterprises depend on voluntary help to deliver their outcomes, and for many years our training about how to manage volunteers has been very popular. Go to our free resources page to download material about managing volunteers effectively. We also consult to social businesses about their volunteering strategies.

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