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We believe that good ideas should get as wide a circulation as possible, so here we offer you a small selection of the wealth of materials we have written or broadcast over the years. If you download, sign up first for our mailing list here. We will then notify you when we add new free downloads to this page.


New downloads from Christine Thornton, March 2020 

Moving to 100% virtual team meetings in a global pandemic

Process breaks and process skills tips

Team Coaching with people who are dominate or who are silent 

A preview of Christine Thornton's new book The Art and Science of Working Together (2019)

Expert responses to the book, contents and contributors 

Chapter One: coming to group analysis and the book

Free podcast interview with Christine Thornton on team coaching (2017)



Google Play Music

Team coaching zone 

Downloads from Group and Team Coaching: the Secret Life of Groups (2016)

What icebergs teach us about supervision

Group and team coaching: second edition contents page

The reflection process in supervision groups

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