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Role consultation coaching for organisational leaders

Today's business leaders face multiple challenges in sustaining and growing their organisations, and a role complexity previously unimagined. Leading an organisation can be a lonely position, and a regular one-to-one consultation enables you to reflect in depth on what the current situation demands, and make plans in the face of unknowns and many variables.

Role consultation includes aspects of executive coaching, but goes beyond it in focusing on the total requirements of the role; from the start the careful choice of focus is an important joint task. It can be very practical, for example in planning and reviewing work with Board, other Senior Managers and partners; it is strategic, planning the next steps in what may need to be a campaign sustained over time; it is psychologically informed, always considering the human dimension; it is realistic, responsive to organisational and environmental imperatives. The insights you gain enable planning for real action in the real, complex world, and we review and refine strategy together.

For leaders managing social enterprises, we are attentive to the challenge of managing the 'double bottom line' of the tension between organisational objectives benefits and financial soundness.


Do take a look at a few of our case studies to learn how these consultations informed change in organisations.


What our clients say:

"Our sessions have made me comfortable with my own power"

"The process is seamless - I can't see how it happens, but when I come here the big picture emerges"

"This is the only place I can talk about this"

"I am feeling more confident and have a better understanding of my role"



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