Thornton Consulting

Our clients are interested in excellence, understanding and getting the best from their people, and grappling with a complex environment demanding rapid change. They want to take their business to the next level.

Our clients share some core beliefs with us. They believe that excellent results are achieved through valued, motivated people; that in a complex situation, they cannot know nor do everything themselves. In today's sophisticated business environment, reflecting together is essential to arrive at solutions with longevity and depth.

Our clients are often leaders or experts in their own industries, and many provide expert knowledge or services to government or other businesses.

We can offer

Each of these pages gives an overview of the service, and links to illustrative case studies.

Who do we want to work with?

The clients who gain most from working with us:

• Are looking for long-term solutions, not a 'quick fix'
• Are successful in their fields or have succeeded in the past, and want to move up a gear
• Want to build on and learn from past experience to meet new challenges
• Are willing to stay with uncertainty long enough to arrive at new understanding and better quality solutions

Our clients also:

• Have integrity and high ethical standards
• Are skilled in their own industry
• Are willing to learn and have fun doing it
• Value new ways of thinking.

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