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What Our Clients Say...

This page gives a flavour what it's like to work with us, and gives a flavour of what results you can expect, if you become one of our clients.

We start any piece of work with you by having a discussion about the challenges you face and what you need; we work with you to understand the whole context and develop an analysis and plan of action focusing on your role as well as ours. If we decide to go forward, what happens next depends on what you have told us, and how we have decided to work together.

Through working with us, our clients: 

  • Understand how leadership can make a positive difference for the business and its people
  • Gain new insights into their business
  • Believe that leadership is about mentoring people to make a difference
  • Trust their instincts but refrain from acting on impulse
  • Respect the complexity of people and situations
  • Recognise that psychological factors play an important role in performance
  • Make work a better place through many small daily efforts.

What results can you expect from working with us?

Our clients report many positive outcomes from our work, in line with desired results, but also unanticipated benefits which emerge as we progress. Below is a representative sample of responses:

"I can see small changes which tell me we are heading in the right direction, such as more willingness to be flexible and 'do what it takes', and steady increases in productivitly showing in the monthly bottom lines."

Changing an organisation's culture is a slow and uneven process. Progress is made up of many incremental shifts; recognising the important indicators and staying aware of them is a key leadership skill. A 'can-do' culture develops over time, as people become positive and as you understand your leadership role at a deeper level. Click here to go to learn more about this service.

"We work on real problems, not luxury problems."

"I am feeling more confident and have a better understanding of my role"

"I don't know what you do but I leave here feeling much clearer about the big picture."

"Thank you. I know what I have to do now."

Clients are stimulated to think rigorously and creatively about the complex demands of their role, new or not, and to develop perspectives and skills to lead their organisations more effectively. They gain a fuller understanding of the complexity of the leadership role, and new insights into the context in which they operate; these things enable solutions to current problems and a process for tackling future challenges. 

"We have cleared the air and learned to be more straightforward with each other about our differences, professional and otherwise. We are much more businesslike and productive as a result."

Everyone in the team is able to contribute confidently and use their talents more fully; conflict is reduced, and differences of view are handled productively, improving work quality. Understanding how the problems arose helps the team to avoid similar traps in the future, and people understand each other better and are more matter-of-fact about inevitable work tensions. 

"When we work together, the bigger picture becomes clear, and the team is responding to the challenges"

Communication is clearer so that everyone understands the bottom line for the business; you now work with each team member to understand their individual part, so they are better motivated and work more effectively together. 

"I am seeing things from a new angle and have a clearer grasp of what is important and what to let go"

By considering your situation in its entirety, you regain perspective, order priorities, and can enjoy work and your colleagues again. You are no longer overwhelmed by demands and are able to regain some control over your time and your business. Your work/ life balance is more satisfying. 

"I have some new insights, and some leads on what might work in our complex situation."

With a careful review of the history and the issues leading to the problem which has seemed so intractable, you notice some factors which may be influential. The complexities of the change require a proportionate multi-layered strategy, and keep its progress under review. The difficult changes begin to be made. 

"I am no longer feeling so frustrated and have some new strategies to try."

"It was following through on the idea of making better use of my personal skill set and my potential associate network to go for bigger projects - which came out of the group - that has landed me with my current workload... I doubt very much that I would have even put in the tenders without having benefited from the discipline of the group... the context in which to voice the thought, and to have it reflected back and commented on... pushed it into the conscious/ active category."

By developing new insight into your client's needs and the dynamic they create between you, you are able to take a step back and coach more effectively.


Now that you know more about what our clients can expect, learn more about our services by getting in touch. 

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