What difference do we make

For Leaders

What Our Leader Clients Say

For Coaches

What Our Coach Clients Say

Our clients are interested in excellence, understanding and getting the best from their people, and grappling with a complex environment demanding rapid change. In today’s business environment, reflecting together is essential to arrive at solutions with longevity and depth. Our clients are often leaders or experts in their own industries, and many provide expert knowledge or services to government or other businesses.

Through working with us, our clients:

  • Gain new insights into their business
  • Believe that leadership is about mentoring people to make a difference
  • Trust their instincts but refrain from acting on impulse
  • Respect the complexity of people and situations, recognising psychological factors 
  • Make work a better place through many small daily efforts

“I can see small changes which tell me we are heading in the right direction, such as more willingness to be flexible and ‘do what it takes’, and steady increases in productivity showing in the monthly bottom lines.”

“We work on real problems, not luxury problems.”

“I don’t know what you do but I leave here feeling much clearer about the big picture.”

“Thank you. I know what I have to do now.”

“When we work together, the bigger picture becomes clear, and the team is responding to the challenges”

“I am seeing things from a new angle and have a clearer grasp of what is important and what to let go”

“I have some new insights, and some leads on what might work in our complex situation.”

“I am no longer feeling so frustrated and have some new strategies to try.”

“We have cleared the air and learned to be more straightforward with each other about our differences, professional and otherwise. We are much more businesslike and productive .”

Individual and group consultation/ supervision for coaches and consultants

Coaches and consultants need quality reflective space in which to review their practice, regain perspective, and make progress even when the going gets tough. In order to regenerate your capacity to support others effectively, we offer fully qualified supervision underpinned by over thirty years’ experience of consulting and coaching.

We offer you time to think, both to tackle immediate challenges, and to allow a deeper understanding of your work to develop over time, leading to greater confidence and effectiveness. All our work connects psychological awareness at individual and group level, and is founded in the use of the self as a tool.

“I am feeling more confident and have a better understanding of my role”

“As the somewhat challenging year (2020) has taken its twists and turns, I’ve found a dependable reservoir of thoughtfulness and compassion – in you all, which I have valued so highly – thank you.” 

“I feel lighter and I know what to do”

“It was following through on the idea of making better use of my personal skill set and my potential associate network to go for bigger projects – which came out of the group – that has landed me with my current workload… I doubt very much that I would have even put in the tenders without having benefited from the discipline of the group… the context in which to voice the thought, and to have it reflected back and commented on… pushed it into the conscious/ active category.”