Who we are


We operate through partnership, with one or more consultants focused on each project. We start by understanding the situation as fully as possible before proposing a solution.

Thornton Consulting is led by Christine Thornton. When you contact us, your first conversation is with Christine. Christine is a consultant and coach with over thirty years’ experience of helping organisations and teams flourish in today’s complex, ever-changing world.

Christine Thornton

Christine Thornton

Christine is the author of several books and papers, including The Art and Science of Working Together (Routledge 2019), and Group and team coaching (Routledge 2010, 2016), which since its publication has become a standard text in the field. See a list of Christine’s publications.

Christine qualified as a Member of the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) and holds an MSc in Psychology (Distinction).  Her broad experience includes leading organisations and membership of a government advisory committee, as well as long coaching experience. Christine created and was first director of the Institute of Group Analysis organisational training, Reflective Practice in Organisations, and has always consulted to social outcome organisations (NGOs) See our Thornton Consulting Client List. She has been honoured with invited honorary memberships of the Association for Professional Executive Coaches and Supervisors [APECS] and Association of Coaching Supervisors [AOCS].