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Individual and group consultation/ supervision for coaches and consultants

Coaches and consultants need quality reflective space in which to review their practice, regain perspective, and make progress even when the going gets tough. In order to regenerate your capacity to support others effectively, we offer fully qualified supervision underpinned by twenty-five years' experience of consulting and coaching.

We offer you an experience of time to think, within which you can both tackle immediate challenges, and allow a deeper and broader understanding of your work to develop over time, leading to greater confidence and effectiveness. All our work is rooted in a psychological awareness at both an individual and a group level, and founded in the use of the self as a tool.

As well as individual consultation, we help you deepen your understanding of group dynamics and skill in working with teams and groups, through our supervision and reflective practice groups.

Reflective practice groups

We believe that groups offer richer opportunities for learning and growing in confidence, and over time can offer a framework within which to make sense of and integrate learning from many sources. Our monthly London reflective practice group, 'Working into organisations', has been running since 2007. The group provides a safe and stimulating environment to explore the dilemmas and paradoxes we encounter in our work. A group-analytic group enables a rich encounter with others, so that we can regenerate and reconnect with our own deepest purposes. Free individual session to explore whether this group is right for you.

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Supervision group for group and team coaching

This London-based monthly supervision group is for experienced practitioners who particularly want to focus on their team coaching work or work with groups. It allows you to deepen your coaching practice, learn to ‘join up’ your intuition and your thinking, work more consciously with the psychological dynamics of coaching, and expand your understanding of the organisational context of coaching. Free individual session to explore whether this group is right for you.
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New telephone supervision group

This new group will make use of the different dynamic of the telephone for learning. Strictly limited to four members, the group meets on the telephone for 1.5 hours per month, and face-to-face for a half-day every six months. Free telephone conversation about whether this is right for you, and introductory face-to-face session on Friday 28th September 2012.
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Training: the secret life of groups, and social intelligence for leadership

Our 20 years' experience of working in depth with a wide range of organisations is distilled into short training courses in key areas. We have two new suites of training, 'the secret life of groups' and 'social intelligence'.
The secret life of groups: group dynamics training
A new suite of training in group dynamics ranging from a half-day introduction to sustained development, based on Christine Thornton's latest book Group and team coaching[Routledge 2010]. Email for more information

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